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DUSC Crew Night - Discounted Tickets

Secure tickets for the DUSC Crew Night on Wednesday, July 17th, 2024. Columbus vs Charlotte!

SUMMER Foot Skills Registration

SUMMER Foot Skills begin July 1st - Register using this link.

SUMMER Camp Registration

Use this link to register for DUSC Summer Camp the week of July 15th.

Remaining Openings for Dublin United Soccer Club this Fall


If you missed our evaluations, did not get the offer you were looking for, did not want to spent $1000s for youth soccer, or did not get any offer at all, please consider Dublin United Soccer Club.

We have at least one opening in virtually every age group, but have multiple openings for BU08, BU09, BU10, BU11, BU14, BU15/BU16, BU18/BU19, GU12, and GU13.  

Go to and click on Registration. 

Where Do I Mail Check?

P.O. Box 1223, Dublin, OH 43017

Uniform Sizing Sessions & How to Modify a Registration Form (Including uniform size changes)


As you should know by now, Dublin United is conducting three Uniform Sizing Sessions.   All three sessions will be at Coffman Park in the EAST Shelter (near the basketball court).

The second of those sizing sessions will be held tonight, MONDAY, June 10th from 6:30PM-8:00PM (NOTE this time is inconsistent with one of our announcements on these sessions!).

The FINAL Session will be held TUESDAY, June 25th 6:30PM-8:00PM.  The final updated uniform order will be placed based on sizes on file as of WEDNESDAY, June 26th at 12:00PM.

What happens at these Uniform Try-on Sessions?  

Parents provided sizing information for four different items:

Game Jerseys (Black, White and Pink)

Game Shorts (Black)

Practice Jerseys (Neon Yellow and Neon Green)

Socks (Black, Pink, Neon Yellow and Neon Green)

We will have SAMPLES (NO ONE IS TO TAKE ANYTHING WITH THEM FROM THE SIZING SESSIONS!) for players to actually try on to verify sizes.

FINALLY, if a parent needs to modify (or verify) a selection for any of the above uniform items or make a change in the uniform number requests, they can do so by following this video guide:

Parents are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the uniform sizes are correct.


Dublin United Soccer Club General Information and More

Dublin United Soccer Club has been the largest and most successful parent-coached soccer organization is Central Ohio since its beginnings as the Dublin Middle Tier Soccer Organization (DMTSO) in 2005.  We continue to lead the charge with innovative "Foot Skills Sessions", Goalkeeper training, Club Indoor Sessions, our unique Kickoff Event the first week of August, and more opportunities for our players to improve in the Summer, in season, and over the Winter.

Full teams are welcome to join us!

Questions?  email or call 614-515-9300.

NOTES about DUSC Player Evaluations that make Dublin United Soccer Club unique:

1.  Our fees INCLUDE a complete uniform kit, training jerseys, up to 20 footskills sessions (including up to six indoor sessions), goalkeeper training, up to 20-24 regular season games between Fall and Spring, three-four local tournaments. 

2.  Our teams currently play in the largest league in Central Ohio (Central Ohio Premier League/Ohio Champions League) that includes all of the largest and most successful clubs in the area.

3.  Our COACHES develop their own rosters with assistance from DUSC.

4.  Our coaches develop their own schedules for both games and practices/training sessions.

5.  When possible, we attempt to allow players to be paired with friends (this is NOT ALWAYS possible!).  We also allow players to "play up" with their friends assuming they have the ability (frequently, this means playing "age up, grade even").  With the change to calendar year cut-offs, many January through July players end up not playing against players in their own grade until getting to high school.  We do not believe that forcing these situations is in the best interest of the PLAYER!

6.  If a coach has a full roster, one player or anything in between, we will assist that coach in "building" or confirming a roster for the season.


Follow Us!


Our teams play in the Ohio Champion's League

- visit league website -