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Dublin United Soccer Club General Information and More


Dublin United Soccer Club has been the largest and most successful parent-coached soccer organization is Central Ohio since its beginnings as the Dublin Middle Tier Soccer Organization (DMTSO) in 2005.  We continue to lead the charge with innovative "Foot Skills Sessions", Goalkeeper training, Club Indoor Sessions, our unique Kickoff Event the first week of August, and more opportunities for our players to improve in the Summer, in season, and over the Winter.

Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Player Registration System is Now Live!  

Players need to register by clicking on the Neon-colored REGISTER NOW Button on this home page!  

Full teams from are welcome to join us!  Call Ken on 614-515-9300 for details.

Questions?  email or call 614-515-9300.

NOTES about DUSC Player Evaluations that make Dublin United Soccer Club unique:

1.  Our fees INCLUDE a complete uniform kit, training jerseys, up to 20 footskills sessions (including up to six indoor sessions), goalkeeper training, up to 20-24 regular season games between Fall and Spring, three-four local tournaments. 

2.  Our teams currently play in the largest league in Central Ohio (Central Ohio Premier League/Ohio Champions League) that includes all of the largest and most successful clubs in the area.

3.  Our COACHES develop their own rosters with assistance from DUSC.

4.  Our coaches develop their own schedules for both games and practices/training sessions.

5.  When possible, we attempt to allow players to be paired with friends (this is NOT ALWAYS possible!).  We also allow players to "play up" with their friends assuming they have the ability (frequently, this means playing "age up, grade even").  With the change to calendar year cut-offs, many January through July players end up not playing against players in their own grade until getting to high school.  We do not believe that forcing these situations is in the best interest of the PLAYER!

6.  If a coach has a full roster, one player or anything in between, we will assist that coach in "building" or confirming a roster for the Fall 2023 season.

Dublin United will be conducting Player Evaluations for Fall 2023/Spring 2024 teams the week of May 22nd with Supplemental Evaluations the week of May 30th for ALL age groups.  The Dates/Times/Locations are as follows:

Monday, May 22nd/Tuesday, May 23rd 5:30PM-7:00PM  BOYS 2012 to 2017 Birth Year

Monday, May 22nd/Tuesday, May 23rd 7:00PM-8:30PM  GIRLS 2012 to 2017 Birth Year

Wednesday, May 24th/Thursday, May 25th 5:30PM-7:00PM BOYS 2004-2011 Birth Year

Wednesday, May 24th/Thursday, May 25th 7:00PM-8:30PM GIRLS 2004-2011 Birth Year

WHERE?  Avery Park SOUTH of the Soccer Concession Stand.

HOW do I register my child for evaluations?  By completing the REGISTER NOW form. 


If you are unsure as to whether your child is going to participate, DO NOT PAY by indicating Paying by Check at the end of the Registration Form.  If you want to let us know that your child is definitely interested, feel free to pay at any time.

When will we know if my child will get a position?  Typically, as soon as the first day of evaluations.

What if I am interested in coaching?  Complete a Coach Registration Form on this site.  


If You Have Still NOT Registered Your Player for the Fall Season


If you have NOT registered your son/daughter for the Fall 2023 Season, you are risking losing your current roster spot to a player who HAS registered!  Your son/daughter will still be placed on a team, but it may NOT be on the team you are expecting!

At this time of year, parents have a tendency to decide to go in other directions, which is perfectly fine.  At the same time, we have many other players looking to join Dublin United.  It is not fair to them for them NOT to get a spot that a current player does not actually end up taking.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to register for the Fall 2023 Season, TODAY!  Otherwise, your son/daughter very well may end up on their second or third roster choice!


by posted 05/26/2023

Coaches and Parents,

If you want your player(s) to be included in the initial list of player offers, please register TODAY!  We are in the process of finalizing the initial rosters and making offers for teams for the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 Season.  If you want your player(s) to be included in that initial listing, please register as soon as you can.  We would hate to offer your spot to another player simply because we did not know your player was planning on returning. 

We have seen a 15+% growth in registrations this season compared to the same time last season!  If your player is planning on playing with DUSC this season, please get registered, today -- literally, today!  Thanks in advance.


by posted 05/24/2023
Please Register if Attending Evaluations

Parents and Coaches,

If your son/daughter will be attending evaluations this week, please take the time to register online (Neon Register Now button).  The process is very short once you are a registered player.  If you are not sure if you are paying, you can indicate you are paying by check, but we really would like to know how many players we will have each evening.  Thanks.



by posted 05/22/2023
Free Crew Tickets Tonite!

Two free Crew tickets tonite!  First to text 812-493-3013 can claim them.

by posted 05/17/2023
Do YOU Get The Newsletter?

If you don't receive the newsletter already, you can sign up by viewing this weeks newsletter! Just follow the link below! News, upcoming events, team spotlight, and more!



by posted 05/17/2023
Two Additional Zoom Meetings

Parents and Coaches, 

Due to overwhelming interest, we are adding TWO additional DUSC Informational Zoom Meetings.  The two added dates are:

THURSDAY, May 18th at 8:15PM

SUNDAY, May 21st at 8:15PM.

Find out why Dublin United has experienced a 300% INCREASE in DUSC Informational Meetings this Spring!

If you have friends who are already playing for Dublin United or will be joining Dublin United this Fall, why not join in to find out more about our program!  If you have questions on the process, team formation, league within which we play, how much travel is involved, etc.?  If you are a coach looking to put a team together, Why not join us for an Informational Zoom Meeting?  

Sit in on a session to learn that unlike other parent-coached programs in the area:

1.  Our teams play in a league with over 700 teams!

2.  Our teams play 60+% of their games in Dublin!

3.  Out teams don't need to hope and pray that other teams will play our teams in festival/friendly games each season.

4.  Our teams play up to 12 games per season -- even away games are typically less than 20-25 minutes from Dublin!

5.  Our players have 14 outdoor Foot Skills Sessions and 10+ GK sessions INCLUDED in our fee!

6.  Our players have 10+ indoor sessions included in our fee!

7.  Our players fees include a full uniform kit!

8.  Our players spend more time on the field getting better rather than sitting in a car driving to a venue an hour plus away!

Click here to receive a link to one of our meetings (the link will be sent about 60-90 minutes prior to the session):

by posted 05/17/2023
Congrats! - We want pictures from the tourney!

Congrats to all the teams who competed this weekened in the tournement for the end of season, and elsewhere!

Please send any team pictures from this weekend to be mentioned in the newsletter! We want a proper shoutout! Send pictures via text to K.C. McMahon at 614-381-1170!


by posted 05/16/2023
Weather is Great! Bonus Foot Skills Session at 6:15PM All Ages!


The weather is better than it was for any of our Foot Skills Sessions this Spring!  Therefore Kevin and Magic have offered to conduct a session from 6:15PM-7:15PM for anyone interested!  Sorry about the late notice, but the Sun got a late start!

by posted 05/15/2023
DUSC Player Registration System for Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Open


The DUSC Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Player Registration System is now LIVE!  Players interested in playing with DUSC this Fall/Spring may now register.  This form serves as BOTH the Evaluation Registration Form.

by posted 05/05/2023
Direct Links to Darree Schedule and Avery Schedule

Darree Field Game Assignments (Along with games at Avery Park):  

Darree Fields Schedule

The link below is for the Avery Practice Reservations

Avery Park Schedule


by posted 03/31/2023

You can:

1) Email us at

2) Call Ken McMahon at 614-515-9300

3) Or if voice mail is full call 614-402-9916

4) or Barb on 812-493-3013

We'll respond as quickly as possible.

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