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Dublin United Soccer Club General Information and More


Dublin United Soccer Club has been the largest and most successful parent-coached soccer organization is Central Ohio since its beginnings as the Dublin Middle Tier Soccer Organization (DMTSO) in 2005.  We continue to lead the charge with innovative "Foot Skills Sessions", Goalkeeper training, Club Indoor Sessions, our unique Kickoff Event the first week of August, and more opportunities for our players to improve in the Summer, in season, and over the Winter.

Dublin United Player Supplemental Evaluations will take place on Saturday, June 12th at the SOUTH END of Avery Park.  Please pre-register by going to and clicking on the neon REGISTER NOW button in the upper right corner of the screen.

We have a limited number of openings in each age group and gender, currently.  For those interested, we will have Supplemental Evaluations for all players on SATURDAY, June 12th at 10:00AM.

Questions?  email or call 614-515-9300.

NOTES about DUSC Player Evaluations that make Dublin United Soccer Club unique:

1.  Our fees INCLUDE a complete uniform kit, training jerseys, up to 20 footskills sessions (including up to six indoor sessions), goalkeeper training, up to 20-24 regular season games between Fall and Spring, three-four local tournaments. 

2.  Our teams currently play in the largest league in Central Ohio (Central Ohio Premier League/Ohio Champions League) that includes all of the largest and most successful clubs in the area.

3.  Our COACHES develop their own rosters with assistance from DUSC.

4.  Our coaches develop their own schedules for both games and practices/training sessions.

5.  When possible, we attempt to allow players to be paired with friends (this is NOT ALWAYS possible!).  We also allow players to "play up" with their friends assuming they have the ability (frequently, this means playing "age up, grade even").  With the change to calendar year cut-offs, many January through July players end up not playing against players in their own grade until getting to high school.  We do not believe that forcing these situations is in the best interest of the PLAYER!

6.  If a coach has a full roster, one player or anything in between, we will assist that coach in "building" or confirming a roster for the Fall 2021 season.




If your child did not get on the team they had hoped to be on, Dublin United might be a great option!

Dublin United will conduct Supplemental Evaluations on Saturday, June 12th at 10:00AM-11:00AM.  We have room for at least one player in every age group and gender.  Please go to and click on the neon REGISTER NOW button.  Take the Pay-by-Check option, if unsure of your interest in Dublin United.  


by posted 06/10/2021
Final Call for 2009 and Older (U-13 and up) Evaluations Sign-ups


This is the final call for those players born in 2009 and earlier (i.e. U-13 and older players) to register for our evaluations for Fall 2021/Spring 2022.  We expect to field at least one team in each age group and up to three in others.  We very well may have Boys and Girls U-16 teams (that will play SPRING 2022 ONLY!) for the first time.

If you have not already done so, please register by going to and clicking on the neon REGISTER NOW link.

As a reminder, if there are players born in 2010 and later who are still looking for a home, we will have supplemental evaluations for them on Monday and Tuesday of this week as well.  Please pre-register for those sessions as well.  Thanks.  More soon.


by posted 06/06/2021
Tonight is Canceled! Same Times on Friday


With more lightning, we are postponing tonight.  Same times tomorrow, Friday.


by posted 06/03/2021
Early Session Stopped Due to Lightning


The 6:00PM Session is over for this evening.  At this point, we are taking a wait and see position on the 7:15PM Session.  We will update as soon as we make a decision.


by posted 06/03/2021
FINAL CALL for Current DUSC Players to Register for Fall 2021


Now that the Spring 2021 Season has come to a close, it is time for most parents to turn attention to the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Season --  if only for a week or two!  ;-)

If your son/daughter is planning on participating in Dublin United for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Season, please get them registered by today (if they are a 2010-2014 Birth Year player) or by this Friday (if they are a 2004-2009 Birth Year player). and click on the REGISTER NOW link.

Formal Offers will be going out as early as today.  Don't lose a spot on your current team because we assumed your son(s) and/or daughter(s) was/were not returning! 

Thanks, all.  We will see most of you tonight!

P.S.  For those who have graduated from our program, you will be dropped from our email blasts very soon!


by posted 06/01/2021
You can:

1) Email us at

2) Call Ken McMahon at 614-515-9300

3) Or if voice mail is full call 614-402-9916

We'll respond as quickly as possible.
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