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Dublin United Soccer Club General Information and More


Dublin United Soccer Club has been the largest and most successful parent-coached soccer organization is Central Ohio since its beginnings as the Dublin Middle Tier Soccer Organization (DMTSO) in 2005.  We continue to lead the charge with innovative "Foot Skills Sessions", Goalkeeper training, Club Indoor Sessions, our unique Kickoff Event the first week of August, and more opportunities for our players to improve in the Summer, in season, and over the Winter.

We continue to accept player registrations in all age groups/genders.  Click on the REGISTER NOW Button


U-07/U-08 Lite Program for $130 For the Spring 2021 Season

Includes 8-10 Game Regular Season Spring

OCL Spring 2021 League Tournament

Includes up to 6 Foot Skills Sessions

Includes up to 6 Indoor Sessions

Includes Uniform Package

Coach a U-07/U-08/U-09 Recreational Team? 

Bring that Team (or Part of that Team) to DUSC for the Spring 2021 Season

Email for more information

NOTES about DUSC Player Evaluations that make Dublin United Soccer Club unique:

1.  We still have at least one or two openings in every age group U-07 to U-15.  Special Winter/Spring Fees range from $130 - $395 including uniform.

2.  Our teams currently play in the largest league in Central Ohio (Central Ohio Premier League/Ohio Champions League) that includes all of the largest and most successful clubs in the area.

3.  Our COACHES develop their own rosters with assistance from DUSC.

4.  When possible, we attempt to allow players to be paired with friends (this is NOT ALWAYS possible!).  We also allow players to "play up" with their friends assuming they have the ability (frequently, this means playing "age up, grade even").  With the change to calendar year cut-offs, many January through July players end up not playing against players in their own grade until getting to high school.  We do not believe that forcing these situations is in the best interest of the PLAYER!

5.  If a coach has a full roster, one player or anything in between, we will assist that coach in "building" or confirming a roster for the Spring 2021 season.


Foots Skills Registration Reminders and More


For many of you, welcome back into Dublin!  As a reminder, we will be starting Foot Skills Sessions and our Goalkeeper Sessions this evening at our NEW LOCATION! 

In order to ensure proper staffing, we ask all players to pre-register by 1:00PM. 

Location of the sessions:  South End of Avery Park (to the left of South of the Concession Stand) along the wooded area.

1.  Foot Skills times 6:00PM for U-08 to U-10 and 7:00PM for U-11+.

2.  Goalkeeper times 6:00PM for U-11+ and 7:00PM for U-08 to U-10.

3.  Dates are Monday, April 5th for six consecutive weeks.


Please note the new location above!

Here at the forms (they are also in the green vertical column on the home page):

    *  FootSkills Form:

    *  Goalkeeper Form:

Comments concerning practice times at Avery and at Darree Fields:

1.  The DSL teams have first choice at Avery Park for practice times -- they continue to take more and more time slots resulting in less time being available for our teams.

2.  There is only one time slot available (6:00PM) on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

3.  There is a second time slot available (7:00PM) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4.  All other fields in Dublin are first-come-first served as is Avery Park outside of these reserved times.

    *  Teams wishing to practice at Avery Park outside of the reserved time slots may seek a field on a first-come-first-served basis.

Many teams will begin games this week.  Good luck to all teams!


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You can:

1) Email us at

2) Call Ken McMahon at 614-515-9300

3) Or if voice mail is full call 614-402-9916

We'll respond as quickly as possible.
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