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What are the "Extra Tournament" teams?
For u9 through u14 boys and girls, this is an opportunity for kids who want more soccer to play even more. Players from these teams will come from standard DUSC teams, practice together during the season, and play in tournaments around the state before and after the regular season ends.
Who is selected?
DUSC will select the players, based on the Evaluation nights. Any player from any DUSC team is eligible. Both new and returning players are welcome. 

What's the goal?
The goal is to enhance the soccer experience for the kids who demonstrate their skills and want even more training and more competition.

Who will coach?
DUSC coaches with at least a E license will lead these teams. These coaches have proven to be successful in developing players in DUSC.

What is the cost?
The cost is approximately $150 to $180 for the full year—in addition to the full DUSC fee. This covers tournament fees and a special green DUSC jersey. The coaches are not paid for their service. And this does not cover travel costs associated with the extra tournaments. There is no payment required until you've accepted a spot on the team.
How do I sign up?
Register here. Please arrive at the field up to 30 minutes early for check-in.
Where are the evaluations?
Darree Fields. Check-in will be near the West concession stand.
When will be notified?
For u9-u12, Dublin United will contact you, offering a spot on the team, on Sunday, June 2. Your prompt response will be appreciated. For u13-14, if there's enough interest, we'll contact you on Sunday, June 9 after 2 p.m.
What does my child need to bring?
Players should wear their cleats and shin guards, bring their ball and water.
Do I need to stay?
That is up to you. You are invited to stay and watch but you must stay back from the fields and avoid any kind of communication with your child during the evaluation.

If you believe your child or another child on your team is not playing at least 40% of a game, please let us know. Your submission is confidential. The primary emphasis of the Dublin United Soccer club is on the development of each child's confidence, skills and enthusiasm for soccer. And this comes by playing the game.

Age           Time per half
 u8, u9, u10 10 minutes
u11 and above 12 minutes

After you submit the form: A Dublin United Soccer Club official may contact the parent to discuss the situation and ensure full understanding. Assuming the facts check out as inconsistent with the policy, we will monitor one or two games to verify the complaint as systemic and not a one-time incident. Coaches will NOT be informed of who has registered the complaint.


The purpose of this questionairre is to secure a status of your team for the 2015-16 season.  This feedback is a very important starting point in developing our plans for the upcoming Fall and Spring seasons. Our sign-up period for next season has started. Therefore, getting coaches lined up is critical. Having an idea as to how many players will be returning is critical as well. This is NOT a good time to ASSUME. You really need to ask EACH AND EVERY parent and player what they intend to do.  If they are on the fence, make sure you are providing them with the information they are seeking.  Thanks for your continued support.