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Coaching in the Dublin United Soccer Club

Our #1 goal with the Dublin United Soccer Club is to help players have fun and improve their soccer skills. How do we do that? Through coaches who know the game and enjoy helping children grow and develop. If you're interested in coaching, let us know by completing this survey.

The Dublin United Soccer Club knows how important and valuable our parent-coaches are and we are committed to supporting you (see "Coaching Resources" below. 


It is important that everyone—players, coaches, parents—remember that Dublin United soccer is a child's game. The game itself is the best teacher. The more each player plays the game, the better each player will become. That's why Dublin United encourages coaches and parents to give the game to the children and let them play. Our club philosophy is based on the Double-Goal Coach by Jim Thompson, the founder of the Positive Coaching Alliance, published by Quill in 2003. We believe the Double-Goal coach can have a positive lifelong impact on young athletes and build winners in sports and in life. The Double-Goal coach wants to win, but even more importantly, is committed to using sports to teach positive character traits and life lessons to young athletes.

Dublin United Soccer Club is committed to helping its coaches improve, too. So we:
• Reimburse coaches for earning their USSF coaching licenses through the “D” level (the “D” level requires a full one-year commitment to the Dublin United program for reimbursement)

• Provide coaching clinics from time to time
• Supply each team with coaching supplies (coaching shirt, game ball, goalie gloves, corner flags, cones, pennies, first aid kit)


Because we want to utilize the best coaches available, previous soccer coaching experience is required. Also, all coaches must have their coaching license (or earn it within their first year of coaching in Dublin United).


All Dublin United coaches are subject to and must adhere to the rules and regulations governing contact with youth, namely a “Screening Process” which may involve a background check. Each year, each coach must complete a Application Form prior to any team activities and must adhere to a Times Two policy at all times. Every two years, coaches are required to complete a risk application through US Club Soccer.

No less than two unrelated adults should be assigned and present at all Dublin United team functions including practices, games, scrimmages, picnics, etc. (NOTE: Even though the Ohio Champions League/US Club Soccer do not require a Times Two policy, Dublin United strongly urges our coaches to follow this policy.)

All individuals who have or will have direct contact in a supervisory, administrative or coaching role with any person under the age of 18 years participating in any activity associated with and/or sponsored by Dublin United must yearly submit a volunteer application form and/or submit to a background check as required by US Club Soccer,  the governing body for the Ohio Champions League or as required by USClub Soccer ( who is the governing body for the Central Ohio Premier League/Ohio Champions League.

While the Dublin United Soccer Club is responsible for scheduling fields and referees for gams, it is up to each team/coach to create its schedule. This enables you to schedule games and practices that match the availability of you and your players. Dublin United teams should conduct three to four contacts each week between practices/training sessions and games. As a Dublin United MOSSL coach, you will be able to create your team’s practice/training schedule. In addition, there are several procedures in place that will enable you to schedule your MOSSL games on days when your team is available.

The Dublin United Director stands by you and is always available to field and answer your questions or find someone who can.

If you have questions or want more information, click here to send us a note.